DENVER, Feb. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Food for Thought Denver, a local non-profit organization providing weekend meals to hungry schoolchildren, today unveiled a unique new school partnership pairing students attending South High with their feeder school Ellis Elementary to pack weekend meals for their future fellow alumni.
Under the new program, members of South High student organizations engaging in after school volunteer activities will travel to Ellis Elementary to pack weekend meals for grade school students who will eventually attend South High themselves. Called PowerSacks, these take-home packages bridge the hunger gap between meals the kids receive during the week at school. About 85% of the students at Ellis Elementary qualify for free and reduced lunch programs.
“Every Friday morning during the school year, Food for Thought Denver volunteers pack over 2,000 PowerSacks, providing weekend relief to some of the more than 26,000 Denver school children who live in food insecure households,” said Bob Bell, co-founder of Food for Thought Denver. “What better way to expand the program than with high school students reaching back to lend a helping hand for those following behind them?”
The South High-Ellis Elementary pairing will start Thursday, February 25th and continue through the end of the school year, with plans to resume after the summer break. Sponsors interested in helping fund this particular joint school partnership should contact Food for Thought Denver at
About Food for Thought
Each Friday, Food for Thought provides students of participating schools with “PowerSacks” filled with enough food to help feed a family of four for the weekend. Over 90% of the students enrolled qualify for free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs, but often come to school hungry on Monday mornings due to a lack of adequate nutritious food over the weekend. For more information about Food For Thought Denver, visit
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