Childhood Hunger In Denver

Food For Thought Denver strives to eliminate childhood hunger by providing a PowerSack for students to take home to their family for the weekend.

Every school year, a staggering number of children from low-income families in Denver receive free and reduced lunches at school. Unfortunately, the lunch they receive at school on Friday is often the last meal they eat until back at school on Monday morning. Teachers and Principals consistently report that many students come to school on Monday mornings hungry, unable to focus and learn.

Hungry kids are more likely to miss school because of illness; are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety; are more likely to develop behavioral problems as teenagers; and are more likely to become food insecure adults due to lower paying jobs and socioeconomic circumstances. Hunger is a vicious cycle.

To see how prevalent childhood hunger is across the Denver Metro Area, view The Hunger Map. If you or your organization is interested in adopting a school, use the Interactive Hunger Heat Map to find where your support is most needed.

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