Yesterday, Craftsy employees volunteered for the second time this month with Food for Thought. This local Denver nonprofit works to provide food for underprivileged children. Every Friday they pack meals for kids (actually enough food for a family of four) for an entire weekend, and then deliver the food to two Title One schools for the students to take home.
Reflecting on the day, Craftsy employees had a lot of good things to say:
“Food For Thought Denver is an incredibly inspiring example of civilians saying enough is enough, and stepping up to organize and facilitate a solution to a problem that would otherwise go unsolved. Making a donation of resources or time to this organization is an absolutely awesome way to support vulnerable children. Food for Thought Denver most certainly has my support, and I look forward to volunteering with them again soon!” – Nick Linkow
“Food For Thought is an awesome organization that helps feed underprivileged children around Denver. With the endless supply of pretzels and trail mix in our office, it’s easy to forget that kids right around the corner from us often go hungry. It was great to have the opportunity to help out. We created an unstoppable assembly line to fill plastic bags with food — from hamburger helper to canned veggies to chocolate candy, these bags were stuffed with hardy supplies. When we arrived, it was freezing and snowy, but by the time the food bags were packed, the sun was shining and everyone was cheery! Oh, the power of volunteering! My favorite part was breaking down boxes with Lucas. We showed off our best soccer skills kicking them back and forth, and then stomped them flat.” – Caroline Wood
“Volunteering for Food For Thought was a very eye-opening experience. I think its extremely important to give back to your community whenever you’re able to and I hope we’ve inspired others to give a bit of their time to help those less fortunate as well.” – Rebecca Robertson
In just a couple of hours, we packed 1200 Powersacks — over 3 tons of food! We had a great time joining together to make a difference and feel lucky to have stumbled across this awesome opportunity through VolunteerMatch, which provides valuable tools for getting involved in your community.
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