Erik Folkerts – Food For Thought Volunteer of The Week

Dec 13, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Volunteer of The Week One of the most wonderful things about Food For Thought is that everyone has a role. Some folks arrive early to get the food organized for the volunteers to pack bags. Some load the bins on trucks and deliver them to the classroom. We’ve even got a couple who fluff up the plastic bags so they’re easier to open and put food into.

Perhaps the most unique role is that of Erik Folkerts. For the last year and a half, Erik has been arriving precisely at 5 am and promptly completing his most important task. What is his task, you ask? Because he is the tallest volunteer on our crew, Erik hoists the American flag and hooks it on its perch to stand watch over us as we pack food. With the holiday season upon us, you may understand why his nickname is “Bumbles.” If not, we encourage you to watch Rudolph with your kiddos. Everyone’s got a job and Erik takes pride in his.

Erik is on the Community Outreach team for his company, Ping Identity, which encourages his support of our community. When asked why he volunteers, Erik shared, “Food For Thought is a fun atmosphere, and I want to support kids. There’s no better place!”
Thanks, Erik, for your support and using your talents so well.


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