New FFT East Packing Location

Exciting news! In January, we moved our East packing location to a permanent new home. Our East location is where volunteers gather each Friday to pack PowerSacks to serve schools in the Aurora area. This new location is inside a warehouse with lights, heat, AC and restrooms to keep our volunteers comfortable, especially on chilly winter...

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Think of how much good can be done in one day: Colorado Gives Day 2023

Each year, the people of Colorado unite with a shared common purpose on Colorado Gives Day: to elevate their community and neighbors by fueling the efforts of nonprofits that make a meaningful change. Food For Thought Denver is honored to be participating in Colorado Gives Day, coming up on December 5th, 2023. This event has been supporting...

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Friday Packing – Just the “Tip of the Iceberg”

No matter if you are a one of our incredible regular volunteers or if you are new to Food For Thought, the odds are that you are most likely helping pack and load our PowerSacks on Friday mornings (at our Central location at 1600 W. Colfax and at our East site at 5303 Havana Street).  This incredibly important (and fun) part of what we do is...

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Bring Employees Together Through Our Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Food For Thought Denver Announces Corporate Sponsorship Program for Denver Organizations This year, Food For Thought Denver is excited to announce our new corporate sponsorship program to help feed children in the local Denver community. Throughout the years, we have seen incredible organizations show their support for Food For Thought Denver...

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Erik Folkerts – Food For Thought Volunteer of The Week

One of the most wonderful things about Food For Thought is that everyone has a role. Some folks arrive early to get the food organized for the volunteers to pack bags. Some load the bins on trucks and deliver them to the classroom. We’ve even got a couple who fluff up the plastic bags so they’re easier to open and put food into. Perhaps the...

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volunteer of the week

GPA Midstream Donation Feeds 2k Families

Each week, our fearless leader Bob Bell climbs onto his tailgate around 7:30am and tells the Food For Thought story to a captive audience. Some of his stories are pretty consistent from week to week (“so I was sitting on a barstool one day…”). Some of his stories get drowned out from the myriad of whistles that blare as trains roll by. Each...

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A Great Day for The Trucking Crew

Some days are a grind when volunteering with Food For Thought. The “Bomb Cyclone” with 3’ of snow comes to mind (yeah, we delivered that week…). Every day volunteering at Food For Thought is a blessing. Seeing the little kids wave to us from their desks as we deliver bins of food to their classrooms always warms our hearts. And some days are...

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Food For Thought Crew

Food For Thought and Safeway’s Nourishing Neighbors Program

Ensuring every child has a healthy breakfast with Safeway’s Nourishing Neighbors Program This month when you visit any one of the following nine Safeway locations, you’ll see signs about the Nourishing Neighbors fundraiser and get the chance to donate at checkout. Well, here’s a not-so-well-kept secret: Food For Thought - Denver gets 100% of...

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A Letter to Our Supporters

Dear Friends, This has been an extraordinary time, and true to form, our FFT supporters have risen to the occasion. We are being inundated (in a good way!) by individuals, families, and companies looking to volunteer and help support the children and families we serve through Food For Thought Denver. It is very heartening to know that so many...

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