Kids Helping Kids: Food For Thought’s Young Trailblazers, Part Three

Apr 1, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Part III, Alex and Owen

by Ali Marsh

This month, we’re highlighting Owen and Alex, two of the most well-rounded young men I’ve ever met. These dynamos have been volunteering with their mom, Wynter, as part of The CE Shop’s partnership with Food for Thought. They’ve been critical to the success of pack sites at Greenwood Academy, John H. Amesse Elementary, DCIS at Ford Elementary, and they just helped christen our newest pack site, FFT East. I interrupted their hard work during a recent pack to find out why you can’t keep these guys away. FYI, these two boys are the most amazing combination of sweet and strong: they have impeccable manners (they’re constantly thanking people!) and the most genuine smiles, but they arrive full of energy and ready to handle the toughest jobs we can throw at them.

Can you tell me your ages and grades in school?

Owen: I’m 12 and I’m in 6th grade.

Alex: I’m 8 and I’m in 2nd grade.

What made you decide to volunteer with FFT?

A: My mom works at The CE Shop and that’s how we figured all of this out!

How long have you been volunteering with FFT? Both of you?

O: For about a year and a half now.

A: Yeah, both of us!

Do you think other people should volunteer with FFT? Why?

O: Yes. Volunteering is a good thing to do. We’re helping the kids get food who don’t get food on the weekends.

What should other people know about FFT?

O: People here are so nice and we’re doing such a great thing for everybody. It’s not just us: it makes us feel good, and it makes the kids feel good!

A: Food for Thought is a really good operation where people pack bags and then there are truck drivers and they drive to the schools and they give the kids food!

What do you wish you could say or do for the kids at this school?

O: I wish I could do a little bit more, but Food for Thought does it all! I just wish I could spend some more time with Food for Thought.

A: I wish they would have food on their tables…more food so they don’t have to wonder, “What should I have?” or think, “Hmmm…what should I eat?”

What do you love most about FFT? What’s your favorite part?

O: Seeing the kids’ reaction when we’re driving those carts through all of those classrooms, and seeing the kids and how happy they all are!

A: My favorite thing is how you bring all the food so the kids don’t starve.

Finally, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Both boys were undecided about their future careers, but it’s safe to say that they’re incredibly smart and dedicated. With their positive and altruistic personalities, their thoughtfulness, and their hardworking dispositions, the sky is the limit for these two. We’re incredibly grateful to have them on the Food for Thought team, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for these young trailblazers.


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