New FFT East Packing Location

Apr 17, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

Exciting news! In January, we moved our East packing location to a permanent new home. Our East location is where volunteers gather each Friday to pack PowerSacks to serve schools in the Aurora area. This new location is inside a warehouse with lights, heat, AC and restrooms to keep our volunteers comfortable, especially on chilly winter mornings! We also now have ample parking in a lot and on 51st street.

Our East packing location now serves twenty schools in the area. Just this year, we have added five schools in Aurora area to our PowerSacks delivery program, and the need is continuing to increase as the immigrant population grows. This location typically sees about 20 to 30 volunteers on a weekly basis, and we are always looking for more! Sign up here if you would like to pack PowerSacks at our East location.

We had our first Friday pack at the new location on January 26th and have been so pleased with the new setup. Thank you to Elite Sourcing and Logistics for providing us with this beautiful new home for all of our amazing volunteers.

FFT East is now located at 11000 E. 51st Ave, Unit A, Denver, CO 80239.


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