Revving up for a Cause: How Jeep Enthusiasts Rally Behind Food For Thought Denver

Jul 5, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Food For Thought Denver was thrilled to receive a remarkable donation of over $18,000, which was the result of the successful Go Topless event organized by Jeep Fight Club, Colorado Jeep Singles, and their dedicated partners. This generous contribution was presented at Food For Thought Denver’s Rock-a-Belly event, creating an atmosphere of celebration and gratitude.

The journey of the Go Topless event, which began three years ago with a modest goal of raising $500, has grown into a powerful force of community support. Through the collaborative efforts of passionate individuals and Jeep enthusiasts, the event has evolved into an annual gathering of off-road vehicles, attracting approximately 450 participants.

In their first year, with limited knowledge and personal funding, they managed to gather 75 Jeeps and the support of the generous Jeep community. They aimed to raise $500 to secure a matching donation from Extreme Terrain for a chosen charity.

Building on their initial success, the event grew in its second year as they raised donations for Healing Warriors with the help of full-time fundraiser, Janet Hatfield. They also expanded their partnerships to include NoCo Jeepers and another Denver club. Despite a last-minute storm, the event saw around 130 Jeeps and Broncos and raised an impressive $8,000 for Healing Warriors.

Inspired by their previous accomplishments, the organizers welcomed a new partner, Colorado 4×4 Girls, in 2023. During their planning meeting, Food For Thought Denver was brought up as a potential beneficiary. Miraculously, all five women agreed, and they set an initial goal of raising $10,000. Little did they know that their efforts would yield astonishing results. The event attracted approximately 450 off-road vehicles, and the final donation tally surpassed their expectations, reaching over $18,000.

One committee member, who discovered Food For Thought Denver as a Reisher Scholar at MSU in 2012, and volunteered at food packing, shared her personal connection to the cause. The committee comprises passionate members from various Jeep groups and their supportive friends and family. Their primary objective is to create an enjoyable event while raising funds for the chosen charity.

The extraordinary journey of the Go Topless event demonstrates the power of community and the tremendous impact that can be achieved through collective efforts. The donations raised have contributed to Food For Thought Denver’s mission of ending childhood hunger, ensuring that more children receive nutritious meals and the support they need to thrive. Together, they are making a lasting difference in the lives of vulnerable children in Denver.


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